Liselotte (Lise) De Wit, M.S.

Lise De WitLiselotte (Lise) De Wit, M.S. completed her Bachelor of Science in Psychology with Honors at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands. She continued her studies with a Master’s program in Cognitive Neuropsychology at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. During her Master’s she completed a clinical neuropsychology internship at the University Medical Center Utrecht and a research internship at Rehabilitation Center De Hoogstraat. Lise did her Master’s thesis at the Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging and Depression Laboratory of Dr. Vonetta Dotson. She entered the doctorate program in Clinical and Health Psychology at the University of Florida in Fall 2016, where she is pursuing the neuropsychology concentration. Her research is broadly focused on behavioral interventions, and positive and negative modifiers of cognition and daily functioning in individuals at risk for dementia. Lise was awarded a two-year training grant by Alzheimer Nederland to assess non-declarative memory systems as a target for memory compensation training in individuals with amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment. As part of this project, she has led two meta-analyses and has collected data at both the University of Florida as well as Radboud University in the Netherlands for her doctoral dissertation.

Peer-reviewed Manuscripts

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